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Sourcing strategies

Long lead times these days can make it difficult to furnish / refresh your home. Meaning it's time to be more creative when it comes to your usual shopping destinations. To source items for my clients I am continually scanning alternate ways to shop. Here are some suggestions if you aren't keen on waiting 16-20 weeks for new furnishings:

1) Model home auctions - search your area for firms who auction off the contents of model homes. I recently obtained a pair of fun mid-century swivel chairs that were the perfect compliment for a remodeled entertainment area. Just be sure to read the fine print and understand the auctioneer premium added to the sales price before you bid. And ensure you can manage the pick-up during the days and times listed.

2) Peruse your local consignment stores - pieces that may no longer work for someone else might be just the finishing touch needed for your home. I've seen modern, barely used furnishings (including name brand leather sofas) in consignment shops around town. And the pricing can't be beat.

3) Estate sales - these are a good source for one-of-a-kind accent pieces and even original artwork. Look up local listings online and sift through photos ahead of time, to determine if it's worth paying a visit in person.

4) Local importers and independent shops - a handful of small local vendors travel the globe and import product directly. They seem to have better luck than the large chains in keeping the flow of product coming. In Denver, for example, we have Rare Finds Warehouse and South Platte Trading Co, both of whom have a good assortment at great prices.

5) Have it made - don't ignore local craftsman who can build custom pieces. I often visit Salvage Yards to collect the raw materials and then hire a tradesman to get exactly what is needed.

A little creativity goes a long way these days. So take a minute to explore all your resources and you'll be amazed what you can find.



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