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Hello, I'm Janine.

I'm an interior designer based in Highlands Ranch, Colorado. I've lived, worked, and designed all over the globe in places like Chicago, Austin, Toronto, and by the very blue Caribbean in Bonaire.

I'm a collaborative design partner who believes that the best work comes from the melding of my experience and ideas with your vision, to create your dream home. 

Learn more about me and my design experience below or reach out via my contact page to get started on your next project today!

How I got started in interior design:


I am originally Canadian. I grew up and went to University in Ontario.  After graduating, I worked in Toronto and connected with a company that was forging new ground in Laser Eye Surgery (yes, that long ago.)  I went to work setting up their expanding chain of laser surgery centers, doing everything from business plans to designing the layout to furnishing and completing the interiors.  Upon FDA approval of the technology in the US, I relocated to Chicago. During my tenure there I worked on over twenty outpatient surgical centers across the United States and Canada.

My connection with the manufacturers of medical equipment led to my being referred to other small medical/dental/optical providers who needed to renovate or build out their offices. This gave me an opportunity to work with a range of different clients and understand the art of collaboration.

Upon a family move to Austin, Texas I launched my own company in 2006. As with any new business I needed to expand my base of potential clients so I worked with realtors on home staging for their sellers; homeowners on residential projects / remodels; builders on materials selections for new homes; and continued to work with commercial clients.  The company grew quickly and within a few short years, it had morphed into Nine Design Group LLC, with multiple designers and collaborations with a good number of builders, realtors, and private clients.

Yet another family move to Denver meant pulling up stakes once again.  Given its deep roots in the Austin market, I made the difficult decision to sell Nine Design Group, so it could remain intact and continue to flourish.  Once settled in Denver I launched fuse interiors and am now happily ensconced in the design business once again.

As a child I:


I remember constantly rearranging the furniture in my room.  It wasn’t an overly large space but about once a month I would get the urge to make a change.  At some point my bed graced every wall, even going so far as to place it on a diagonal in the middle of the room with my desk floating at the head of the bed.  I distinctly recall the feeling of elation, as I’d settle into sleep at night in my freshly redesigned room.  That special magic has never disappeared for me.

Where I find inspiration:


Typically I am inspired by texture.  That might sound odd but it’s the tactile appeal of an object that draws me in and from there, things like color and balance and harmony are jumping-off points.  If you ever walk a showroom with me, even tile or hard surfaces, you’ll notice that I touch everything – I shop with my fingertips.  I really can’t explain it but I’ve always been that way.

What's my dream project:


I would love to design the lobby of a Las Vegas hotel – to create a space that completely transports you the instant you pass through the revolving doors.  The project fits both sides of my personality – my practical side thrives on designing for efficiency and functionality while my creative side craves originality and free-thinking.  I already have a concept in mind if anyone has connections in Vegas…

How I start my day:

With kids and pets, I tend to hit the ground running in the morning.  Getting three teenagers out the door on time is never dull.  Throw in a very needy male cat, who thinks it’s all about him and it makes for chaos. But once everyone else is out the door, I grab a coffee and use the peacefulness that settles over the house as my time to work creatively before the business part of my day begins.

My guilty pleasure:

I am completely fascinated with televised competition shows.  It doesn’t matter what topic – Face-Off, Project Runway, Songland, Chopped – you name it.  I think I’m drawn to watching other people work through the creative process in an accelerated timeframe. It always provides an interesting insight into human

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