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Rugs, rugs, rugs...

Let's talk area rugs. Now that so many homes have an open floorplan with continuous flow, I am often thrown the challenge of coordinating area rugs. Under a dining table, seating area, kitchen nook, library - all tend to be visible at a single glance.

There are a few tricks and tips to selecting rugs that will be harmonious. Peggy Pardo of The Casa Collective has a great article on 5 ways to coordinate rugs...

The main takeaways are:

- use multiples of the same rug

- stick to solids

- pair one pattern with one solid in same color palette

- opt for two patterned rugs of the same style with similar color schemes

- go with two patterns that compliment one another (ie. geometrics) in the same colors

Similarly, Emily Henderson of Style by Emily has composed an ensemble of rug pairings for inspiration, which can be seen at the end of her article on blending rugs...


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